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Inspired by Simon Sinek, “Start with Why” (YouTube | Amazon), our team recently realigned our Corporate Vision to the roots of why we are in business.  Essentially, we improve corporate operations using our Continuous Process Improvement methodology enabling increased profits and customer satisfaction.

We also drive out waste and reduce costs from  government operations and improve services provided by government agencies to taxpayers.  Many of us have been in public service or have military experience and want to have a real impact on the security of our nation.  What better way to put our skills to use?

Our veteran-owned business began operation in Dayton, Ohio back in 1997 and restructured our focus in 2014.  We have worked with many companies/agencies and have found that many management consultants simply provide RECOMMENDATIONS to implement.  That is not good enough for us…we DELIVER RESULTS, NOT RECOMMENDATIONS.  Our goal is to be persistent and stay with the project until RESULTS are realized!

We know facilitating positive change can sometimes be a herculean objective, but…

We believe that a single individual, who has the right heart and mind and is consumed with a single purpose, can inspire great change.  Give that individual a group of teammates with the same conviction, and we can change the course of our organization’s future.-modified quote from Captain America


If you are as passionate as we are about improving corporate or government operations and are interested in a career with Lean America, send your resume to